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How to Choose the Right Indoor Plant!

by Simple Succers |

An indoor plant can bring in a pop of colour, life and vibrancy to those lonely corners in your home. That's why filling your home with an assortment of different types of plants should be a fun project you take on! But choosing house plants can be tricky if you don't know what you're looking for. That's why this list will help you discover what questions to ask when finding your perfect indoor plant...insert joy!

How's the lighting?
Although most people decide on choosing house plants to avoid having to keep their plants in the sun, they still need a bit of indirect light. Of course you have to look around and see how much light your home can actually provide before you choose your indoor plant.

A Snake Plant might be a good choice for you if you have some dark spots scattered around your home; they thrive in low light settings, plus they don't need a lot of water.

Watering your plants
Speaking of watering your plants, we all have busy lives. That's why sometimes we forget about our leafy friends and end up not watering them for days at a time. If you're one of those who forget to water their plant often then maybe you'll like a Zanzibar Gem or a Succulent. These are low water plants that can go a couple of weeks without a drink.

A fun tip, if you live in a humid area then the humidity in the air on its own will prolong how much time you can go between watering. Just make sure to check up on your plant friend either way.

Are you constantly rearranging
Indoor plants are real home-bodies. That means that once they've settled in a nice corner then they prefer to stay there. And yes, they can tell when you've moved them.

Some plants are sensitive to a change in light or atmosphere. They run on a schedule just like us, they expect and get use to sunlight and darkness at the same hours of the day. That's why if you're constantly moving things (including your plants) around then maybe consider a Cactus. The Cactus variety of plants can handle constant moving without much damage. They must enjoy the change of scenery as much as you do!

Kitchen Plants
How much room do you have
Now the fun part with indoor plants is just how customisable they are. There are plants of every type and size to fit every need. But just like people, plants need the perfect spot to thrive. That's why you should look around and see just how much space you can afford to give you plant friend.

Some plants like the Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow to be fairly tall. Up to 3 meters! Other plants like String of Pearls can actually be hung from the ceiling because their leaves grow downward. Those types of plants are great because you can always trim them if they get to large.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

No matter what plant you decide on, make sure they check off all the right qualities. If you pay special attention to your plant's needs then they will flourish and the both of you will be very happy with your shared growth!

Simple Succers have a range of plant gifts and office plants to suit your needs. Contact us if you’re looking for a particular plant, chances are we can order it in for you!


Happiness is watching your plants grow!


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