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About Us

Lady With Flower pot  Lady Flower pot    


Welcome to Simple Succers where simplicity, succulents and plants are our thing! Hence the name Simple Succers. 

How it all began…

Danielle (pictured) and Lyndal are both local Sydney mums and high school friends who started Simple Succers in 2018.

It was the passing of Danielle’s mum earlier that year which prompted Lyndal to give Danielle a plant in memory of her mum. For Danielle plants were a huge part of the healing process, looking after them provided a great distraction and starting the business meant the two mums could try and spread awareness about the benefits of plants and connect people back to nature at the same time.  

Now we live in a world where technology is taking over our lives. Our homes are overruled by TV’s, laptops, phones, iPads, electronic devices. There is no balance.

Cue indoor plants… Yes a simple plant can help:

  • reduce stress
  • increase productivity, even in our kids!
  • purify our air
  • boost creativity
  • and generally look ace!

Not many people are aware of the benefits indoor plants have.

NASA conducted extensive research via their Clean Air Study that revealed houseplants can remove up to 87 per cent of air toxins in 24 hours. By introducing just one plant into your home you can improve your air quality by 25 per cent, introduce 5 indoor plants and that goes up to 75 per cent!

Having your own indoor jungle, whether it’s in your living room, home office or kid’s bedroom can provide a great source of joy. Off-setting plants with technology really helps to create a calming space, plants can also help with loneliness and depression as caring for a living thing can provide purpose and watching them grow is certainly very rewarding.


Welcome to our little plant family!

Danielle and Lyndal xx