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Benefits of Indoor Plants

by Simple Succers |

Benefits of Indoor Plants

With the rise in high density living and more people choosing to live a simpler life in smaller spaces, we are interacting less with nature and life outdoors. Although this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, this small change has been proving more and more unhelpful to the health and well-being of the human body. What is helping to counter this trend is awareness and knowledge about the benefits of indoor plants. So we have but together this list of benefits to help spread the word about our little plant friends. Remember, if you can't get out, then bring the outdoor in!

Indoor Plant

Stress Reduction
One great benefit of having indoor plants is that they are proven to reduce stress. For starters, indoor plants give the owner something to think about as well as something to nurture - from remembering to water them, to pruning them, and even talking to them. There is a daily task that most people enjoy. If you are looking for a perfect present for someone in your life, consider sending a plant, plants are more sustainable than sending flowers. Also, they are wonderful to look at and are a joy to have around the home. They can complete the look of a room and also give the owner a talking piece when friends are over.

Improved Air Quality
Indoor plants help filter air and put more oxygen into the surrounding area. You would be shocked to know that the air inside of our homes and offices is often more polluted than the outside air. This is due to off-gassing (which is when synthetic materials or chemicals naturally degrade, releasing harmful particles into the air). This comes from items like furniture, carpet, flooring and paint. Now that humans are living in a predominantly non-agricultural lifestyle, our access to healthy clean air is reduced. That is why having indoor plants and herbs is very beneficial.


Therapeutic Benefits
The mental and emotional health benefits that indoor plants have either at home or the workplace are endless. The emotional benefits of having something natural sitting in the waiting room or your home office are because they bring people back to nature and give the feeling of being in a less stressful setting. Studies have shown that plants can help increase concentration, boost creativity and reduce stress. These therapeutic benefits make it worth the money to invest in some plant friends.

Indoor Plants

Potential Indoor Plants
One of most common indoor plants are succulents because they are the easiest to keep alive! We’ve all been there and killed a plant or two! Succulents require less water and maintenance than many other indoor plants. Zanzibar Gem and Aloe Vera are other common indoor plants, which are almost impossible to kill. Indoor plants can add an assortment of colours and promote positivity in a home. All of this on top of filtering the air and helping reduce stress. Winning!

Bedroom Plant

Another super common type of indoor plant is herbs. There are many therapeutic and physical benefits of herbs along with being able to use them daily while cooking. Also, because they are raised in a more natural setting, it can be ensured that they will not be covered in pesticides or be genetically modified. You can be sure that healthy non altered food is going into your diet.

Plant Make People Happy
Indoor plants are great for your home, your family and the environment. They are a perfect choice for kids if pets are not allowed, it gives children something to care for. There are so many benefits of gardening with kids, it engages all their senses, enhances their fine motor development and generally helps with family bonding! 

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Happiness is watching your plants grow!

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