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Little Succer
Little Succer

Little Succer


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Scientific Name: Crassula Ovata 'Gollum'

Common Names: Finger Jade, Gollum Jade

Brighten up your friend or family's day with an on-trend plant gift for any occasion, or perhaps a little something for yourself! Plants are a great sustainable alternative to flowers that will continue to bring joy over the years to come!  

Succulent and pot (12cm x 12cm) included.

How not to kill me


This plant needs bright light, they are not suitable for dark rooms. They will thrive best outdoors in courtyards or a balcony.


Water me every few weeks or when my soil feels dry to touch.


These little pricks don't need much maintenance, they are the perfect companion if you travel often. 


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Little Succer

Little Succer