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Jade Succulent
Jade Succulent

Jade Succulent


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Scientific Name: Crassula Ovata

Common Names: Jade Plant, Money Plant, Friendship Tree

Need some good fortune in your life? The Jade Plant is considered a good luck symbol, with its coin-shaped leaves some people say it activates financial luck! Sold, take me home today!

This low maintenance succulent produces think green leaves that grow in opposing pairs, symbolic of growth, renewal, and the joy of friendship. 

How not to kill me


This plant prefers bright light, so they are not suitable for dark rooms. They will also thrive outdoors in courtyards or on the balcony.


I’m a succulent, I thrive on neglect! So a little water goes a long way. If my leaves and stems are shrivelled give me a small amount of water daily and I should plump up again!


Pull off any old leaves and prune me in spring to give me some shape, and as a bonus any cuttings can be re-potted to grow more of me. 


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Jade Succulent

Jade Succulent