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Ripple Jade Succulent
Ripple Jade Succulent Plants
Indoor plants and succulents

Ripple Jade Succulent + Large Pot


Scientific Name: Crassula Arborescens Undulatifolia

Common Names: Ripple Jade, Curly Jade

This low maintenance succulent produces lush curly green leaves and is a great plant for beginners or even kids! It gives kids a chance to care for something, if pets are not allowed. Make it their weekly responsibility to check in on the little succer and remove any old leaves and generally connect with nature.

There are so many benefits of gardening with kids, it engages all their senses, enhances their fine motor development and generally helps with family bonding! 

Plant and pot included, as seen in photo.

Pot size: 14cm Diameter x 14cm Height

How not to kill me


This plant needs bright light, they are not suitable for dark rooms. They will thrive best outdoors in courtyards or a balcony.


Water me every few weeks or when my soil feels dry to touch.


Gently pull off any lower leaves which have dried up and remember any new leaves that fall off can be re-potted to grow more of me.


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Ripple Jade Succulent

Ripple Jade Succulent + Large Pot