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Simple Succers Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig
Fiddle Leaf Fig close up image of leave

Bambino Fiddle Leaf


Scientific Name: Ficus Lyrata Bambino

Common Name: Fiddle Leaf Bambino

By far the hottest indoor plant going around, almost every interior design magazine has this bad boy featured. 

With leaves shaped like a violin or fiddle, hence the name, you can't help but fall in love. Its large leaves make it an excellent air-purifying plant, it will also help control indoor humidity. Bonus! 

The typical height of a Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig around 1m. Which makes it the perfect piece for any home office or kid's bedroom. 

How not to kill me!


This plant needs bright indirect light, close to a window. Another tip is to rotate you plant a quarter turn each week as these plants grow towards the light.


During the warmer months water weekly or just make sure the top 5cm of the soil is completely dry before watering again. 


Wipe the leaves occasionally with a damp cloth to remove any build-up of dust as this can block important sunlight reaching the plant. This will ensure you have a super shiny, happy, healthy plant! The Fiddle Leaf Fig prefers not to be moved once in the right spot and it doesn't tolerate heaters or air-con directly on it. Every six months or so top-up with a slow-release fertiliser to keep this guy growing to optimal height.


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Simple Succers Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig

Bambino Fiddle Leaf